Spotlight on…Citron Boboli!

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The notes of Citron Boboli

🍋Top notes: lemon, lime, orange, galbanum, cinnamon, petit grain
🍋Heart notes: clove, black pepper, geranium
🍋Base notes: vanilla, musk

The sources of inspiration for Citron Boboli

1977: Citron Boboli was created by master perfumer Yuri Gutsatz and was originally named Citron Poivré. This spicy, aromatic fragrance cleverly blends the energy of citrus notes with exotic sun warmed spices. Like many fragrances of the era, this eau de parfum was created for both men and women.
Perfume trends in 1977 were influenced by the zeitgeist of the mid to late seventies and reflected a cultural desire for both sensuality and freedom and an appetite for eastern philosophy. In fact, when creating Citron Boboli, Yuri was inspired by the different plants and ingredients he discovered during his years in India, namely pepper, clove and galbanum.
Perhaps it is this influence that makes Citron Boboli so transportive, evoking exotic scenes and enticing aromas from the sub-continent. On its journey around the world, Citron Boboli gently alights on the Mediterranean coast of Italy and takes you to the famous Boboli Gardens, located on the top of a hill behind the Palazzo Pitti. A breathtaking vista of Florence lies beneath you, teeming with stories and abundant with history and culture. You are surrounded by idyllic landscapes and Renaissance sculptures frozen in time, as fountains and grottoes reveal their beauty to you. The air is scented by uplifting citrus aromas of lemon and orange and petitgrain. The Boboli Gardens, originally owned by the Medici family, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if you can’t get there in person? Citron Boboli will take you there in your waking dreams.

Citron Boboli: The Scent of Joie de Vivre!

The Sicilian lemon leads the citrus accord from the very first invigorating spray. Feel-good emotions come flooding in, resplendent with holiday memories of sunshine and skies.
Perhaps this Mediterranean beauty will awaken childhood memories of delicious curds and pastries as the notes dance in the air around you. A heart of radiance blooms brightly, dusted
lightly with powder as the red blooms of geranium point their faces towards the the sunlight.
Exotic sun warmed spices mellow seamlessly into a comforting embrace of cinnamon and vanilla that lingers long after the sun has set.

Citron Boboli is a scent of contrasts: as wholesome as it is sensual, as bright as it is mellow.
When summer temperatures soar, Citron Boboli refreshes. When the evening sky turns gold, a warm cloak of scent sits gently on your shoulders. A scent for all seasons, a scent for all people.

Clara Feder is Le Jardin Retrouvé Creative Director. She’s also a writer and a ghost writer with more than 20 published books. Her art has been exhibited all over the world and she creates synesthetic and multimedia exhibitions and displays for the brand.

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