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Some perfume lovers still regard synthetics with suspicion, but did you know that synthetics have been used since the birth of modern perfumery?

Many of your favourite flowers have a scent that cannot be extracted and so must be created synthetically.  For example, think of the extravagant beauty of honeysuckle, violets, lily of the valley, cherry blossom, wild rose and wisteria. Just imagining them fills your mind with bright colours! However, it is nigh on impossible for a perfumer to extract their natural aromas and it therefore has to be replicated in a lab. Doesn’t sound very poetic, does it?  But the sublime results speak for themselves.

How is it done?

 An “ Isolat” is a molecule  which is extracted from essential oils and replicated to create just a fraction of a scent. They come from nature, but need a lot of scientific help to get noticed. Synthetic molecules are blended with naturals so that the scent of the flower can be produced.

In 1830 a violet molecule was created (alpha-isomethyl-ionone) in the Russian perfumery industry.  You can find this in Le Jardin Retrouvé’s own Cuir de Russie .

In 1874, the first synthetic aldehyde was made for the first time and the reasons were purely economic. The Guerlain family tasked a group of German chemist with  creating a vanillin molecule, which was subsequently used in Vol de Nuit. In fact vanillin is produced from a combination of tree bark and by-products from the paper industry. You would never guess this from the scent of such a beautiful classic as Vol de Nuit

These are just two examples that stretch back to the very earliest beginnings of fragrance and as you can see, synthetics are created with a great deal of care and expertise to do the job when nature can’t.

Did you know that Yuri Gutsatz once fragranced the world famous Paris Opera House? Maurice Lehmann, then director of the Paris Opera, gave him the task of perfuming the theatre during Act 3 of Rameau’s Indes Galantes (Ballet des Roses) This fragrant opera ran for THREE YEARS.

Yes, this is the same opera house where Gaston Leroux set his novel, the Phanton of the Opera. Did you also know that there really is an underground lake underneath the opera house? What an experience it must have been to have sight, scent and sound all at once with such history above and beneath you. No other perfumer had a life quite like Yuri’s!

Did you know that Yuri was the nose behind Miss Lentheric eau de toilette? The fragrance was launched at Glyndebourne in England and Yuri, as the perfumer, was of course invited. On this occasion, he had to leave his beloved Arlette at home in Paris, although they never enjoyed being parted. Miss Lentheric is now sadly discontinued but was a popular perfume for several years after its launch. You can still find it on eBay if you’re lucky, as it has become a collector’s item, like many of Yuri’s fragrances, including PM for Mary Quant and Chromatics for Estee Lauder.

“Oh,Perfumer! your name is no-one” wrote Yuri Gutsatz in 1979. When Yuri was immersed in his career, he and his fellow hard working noses, were kept out of the picture. Why? Because the couture houses who were launching fragrances encouraged a touch of mystique surrounding their scents. If that led their customers to believe their perfumes were created by couturiers and not perfumers, well, that was fine by them. But can you imagine Yuri and his contemporaries being ignored today?

Germaine Cellier created Fracas, Bandit and Miss Balmain. Jean Carles created Miss Dior, Shocking and Ma Griffe. Yuri himself created what later became Chromatics for Estee Lauderand Chasse Gardée for Carven (both sadly discontinued).

Luckily in 2019, we can appreciate their genius with the gratitude and the credit that they all deserve (and this is why at Le Jardin Retrouvé we put Yuri Gutsatz’s name on the bottles – and Maxence Moutte’s name on the Mousse Mystique candle he created for us).

Perfumer, your name matters.

When Yuri and Arlette Gutsatz launched Le Jardin Retrouvé in 1975 they had a very innovative business in mind: they wanted their customers to access the wonderful sophisticated fragrances created by Yuri in many different categories. Of course fragrances, but also bath products (body wash; shampoo; bath oil and later soaps), treatments ( a wonderful oatmeal face mask), home fragrances (with scented candles and incense).. For instance if you were a lover of Yuri’s Rose Thé (now Rose Trocadéro) or Tubéreuse (now Tubéreuse Trianon) you could buy them as an Eau de Parfum, a scented candle, a bath oil or incense… You can see this in the original 1976 and 1978 price lists of the brand!

This business model was and is unique: all the other niche fragrance brands that were created at that period only had fragrances – and only much later moved to scented candles (except Diptyque who started with candles!). Some only very recently have gone into bath products (Byredo or Frédéric Malle with their soaps). Le Jardin Retrouvé from its inception offered a complete product line around its sophisticated fragrances.

This is why Clara and myself have decided to revert back to this original model : last October we launched scented candles and this month we added to our offer two scrumptious body care products: a Body Milk and a Body Scrub, both using our signature Rose Trocadéro fragrance!


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Arlette Gutsatz lived a few years with her husband Yuri and her 3 children in India and fell in love with Indian textiles. Back to France in 1963, she went into importing to her country the beautiful fabrics that she loved. At that time, small cutting-edge fashion brands were emerging, some of them still existing, such as: Dorothée Bis, Chantal Thomass, Renoma, Hémisphère… Arlette began to work for them a long time before Le Jardin Retrouvé even existed. After she passed away in 2012, Clara and Michel, found an entire wall of textile samples in her home. Instead of throwing them away, Clara made a template and Michel gave the samples to sew with this instruction: “Put a different fabric on each side of the pouch”. That is why the pouches are unique!