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Port offert à partir de 80€ d'achats - Paiement en 4X sans frais

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The notes of Eau des Délices

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, verbena, petit grain, orange
Heart notes: orange blossom, lavender, clary sage
Base notes: patchouli, vetiver, musk, oakmoss

The origin of Eau des Délices

1982: This is the year that Yuri Gutsatz developed Eau des Délices, a gender free aromatic citrus fragrance. It is an eau fraiche, the very first from the Haute-Parfumerie house Le Jardin
Retrouvé. In the 1980s, fragrance trends veered towards the provocative and evoked the zeitgeist of luxury living. However, the perfumers of the time also noticed an appetite for lighter and more natural smelling scents. The fresh notes of Eau des Délices were a perfect match for this demand.
The fragrance was inspired by the famous triptych The Garden of Delights, painted by Hieronymus Bosch in 1503. Currently on display at the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain, this masterpiece features many extraordinary creatures and enigmatic symbolisms. The first panel is a representation of Paradise, the second alludes to the pleasures of life and the ephemeral nature of the elements of the natural world. The last panel refers to Hell and the torments within.
When you look at this painting of a fantasy garden full of the possible and the impossible, Eau des Délices is the perfect accompaniment, with its citrus fruits, orange blossom and oak
moss. Placed in the lush green garden of your imagination, this is a fragrance that perfectly evokes nature, pleasure and the mysteries of life itself.

2016: the return of Eau des Délices

After Yuri’s death in 2005, it was eleven years before Le Jardin Retrouvé was brought back to life, thanks to his son Michel Gutsatz and Michel’s artist wife Clara Feder. Their serendipitous meeting with perfumer Maxence Moutte enabled them to recreate seven of Yuri’s classic compositions. Among this selection of eaux de parfum, one eau fraiche was singled out for revival. With a touch of nostalgia and a sprinkling of enchantment, Eau des Délices, transports the wearer to the wonderful world of traditional perfumery.

Eau des Délices : an invigorating wave of freshness…

With its sparkling and invigorating accords, Eau des Délices shares the lightness of a classic cologne, always in demand during the during the hot summer months. Sweet, zesty scents of lemon, tangerine and orange emerge delightfully, gradually giving way to a musky, woody accord, perfect for any occasion. It is these more vegetal base notes that give Eau des Délices its unique magic and longevity.
From the very first spray, senses are awakened as if by the sun and childhood outdoor memories of picnics and hide-and-seek dance among the green grass.
Eau des Délices takes you on a journey along the Mediterranean coast and invites you to swim in an ocean of serenity and freshness. It is a delicate, timeless blend that invites comfort and well-being, even when the sun doesn’t shine. Eau des Délices is the ideal daily companion for all seasons and all weather.

The notes of Citron Boboli

Top notes: lemon, lime, orange, galbanum, cinnamon, petit grain
Heart notes: clove, black pepper, geranium
Base notes: vanilla, musk

The sources of inspiration for Citron Boboli

1977: Citron Boboli was created by master perfumer Yuri Gutsatz and was originally named Citron Poivré. This spicy, aromatic fragrance cleverly blends the energy of citrus notes with exotic sun warmed spices. Like many fragrances of the era, this eau de parfum was created for both men and women.
Perfume trends in 1977 were influenced by the zeitgeist of the mid to late seventies and reflected a cultural desire for both sensuality and freedom and an appetite for eastern philosophy. In fact, when creating Citron Boboli, Yuri was inspired by the different plants and ingredients he discovered during his years in India, namely pepper, clove and galbanum.
Perhaps it is this influence that makes Citron Boboli so transportive, evoking exotic scenes and enticing aromas from the sub-continent. On its journey around the world, Citron Boboli gently alights on the Mediterranean coast of Italy and takes you to the famous Boboli Gardens, located on the top of a hill behind the Palazzo Pitti. A breathtaking vista of Florence lies beneath you, teeming with stories and abundant with history and culture. You are surrounded by idyllic landscapes and Renaissance sculptures frozen in time, as fountains and grottoes reveal their beauty to you. The air is scented by uplifting citrus aromas of lemon and orange and petitgrain. The Boboli Gardens, originally owned by the Medici family, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if you can’t get there in person? Citron Boboli will take you there in your waking dreams.

Citron Boboli: The Scent of Joie de Vivre!

The Sicilian lemon leads the citrus accord from the very first invigorating spray. Feel-good emotions come flooding in, resplendent with holiday memories of sunshine and skies.
Perhaps this Mediterranean beauty will awaken childhood memories of delicious curds and pastries as the notes dance in the air around you. A heart of radiance blooms brightly, dusted
lightly with powder as the red blooms of geranium point their faces towards the the sunlight.
Exotic sun warmed spices mellow seamlessly into a comforting embrace of cinnamon and vanilla that lingers long after the sun has set.

Citron Boboli is a scent of contrasts: as wholesome as it is sensual, as bright as it is mellow.
When summer temperatures soar, Citron Boboli refreshes. When the evening sky turns gold, a warm cloak of scent sits gently on your shoulders. A scent for all seasons, a scent for all people.

The composition of Osmanthe Liu Yuan

Notes of Osmanthus, jasmine, peach and leather.

Candle made in France, reusable jar, 100% Vegan ingredients.

100% Made in France

Scented Stem: refillable and reusable, 100% Vegan ingredients, 92% natural products in the fragrance.

The inspiration behind Osmanthe Liu Yuan

Osmanthe Liu Yuan was inspired by the garden of the same name, located in the city of Suzhou, China. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The Liu Yuan Garden has existed since 1593, during the Ming Dynasty. It is regarded as one of the four most beautiful gardens in China and is known as the “strolling garden” or “garden of nonchalance”.

The garden is a perfect harmony between the enchantment and beauty of nature and ornate architectural features. There are several zones within the Liu Yuan Garden including rockeries, waterways and green hills, as well as pavilions and pagodas. Among the lush vegetation of the garden are magnolias, laurel trees, peach trees, bonsai trees and ancient gingko trees. The solar, fruity fragrance of these breath-taking pathways induces a feeling of deep serenity and calm. It is this feeling that our perfumer aimed to replicate in our Osmanthe Liu Yuan home fragrance range.

Osmanthe Liu Yuan: the scented candle

The Osmanthe Liu Yuan candle perfumes your home with a seamless blend of jasmine and osmanthus, inspired by childhood nostalgia of jam making in a Provencal kitchen. The unique accord of the osmanthus flower creates an enchanting atmosphere in your room, before gently revealing a nuance of leather, adding refinement and elegance to this fruity floral aroma.

The Osmanthe Liu Yuan candle was cast in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, in a pot made from fine Limoges porcelain. The outside is decorated with pure white gingko leaves, while the inside of the jar has a peach toned glaze that matches this apricot fragrance. The lid of the candle is made of raw Jura beech wood.  After you’ve enjoyed nearly fifty hours of candlelit fragrance, the jar has endless uses for its second life and is also food safe once washed. The core values of Le Jardin Retrouvé are in line with an eco-responsible approach. Natural components are prioritised where possible, as are efforts to limit waste by using recycled packaging and offering refill provision.

Osmanthe Liu Yuan Scented Stem

For an elegant, minimalist touch to your home, the scented stem presents a singular porcelain rose stem with remarkable scent diffusion power. Like the candles, the Scented Stem diffuser consists of a white Limoges pot decorated with a raised gingko leaf design. It has a beechwood lid and a porous porcelain fragrance stem to give your home a style that is as contemporary as it is chic.

As with the candle, the diffuser is both beautiful and functional and can be used for other purposes once empty. The box also includes a recycled and recyclable aluminium bottle, which contains the Osmanthe Liu Yuan fragrance. All these elements are stored in a box manufactured by a French company that has the FSC and imprim’vert labels, thus guaranteeing the reduction of its impact on the environment.

To use the Scented Stem, simply fill the jar with all of the fragrant liquid contained in the flask, then slide the wand through the hole in the lid. The irresistible fragrance will subtly bloom in your home, adding its sublime fragrance to the room. After about three months, when the diffuser is empty, simply soak the fragrance wand in a little household alcohol for a few hours, choose a new refill and repeat the process indefinitely: a lifelong artisanal keepsake.

Le Jardin Retrouvé offers you a backstage peek at the different scents that make up each of our Haute-Parfumerie fragrances. All our creations have a unique visual, which evokes a poetic universe, as well as illustrating all the olfactory notes present in each perfume…

The Hesperides

Citron Boboli

From the very first spray of this eau de parfum, you are transported to the Boboli Garden in Florence, thanks to the transportive citrus scents of Italian lemon, lime, petit grain and orange. Cinnamon and galbanum add strength to these top notes and lead you down winding Florentine alleyways. You breathe in gentle wafts of spicy black pepper, clove and geranium. Renaissance statues meet your gaze, bringing their silent stories alive. You are caressed by breezes of warm vanilla and diaphanous musk as you explore the dazzling beauty of this exquisite city.

Eau des Délices

Its artwork is inspired by a painting “The Garden of Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch. This is an idyllic reflection of the blended accords of this eau fraiche. You are dazzled by an invigorating breeze of bergamot, petitgrain and verbena. These revitalizing accents scents gradually give way to a herbal bouquet of clary sage, lavender and orange blossom. A classic woody accord of patchouli, oakmoss and musk anoints your skin. Eau des Délices brings a feel-good breeze to your warm sun kissed skin.

Verveine d’Été

A young Russian ballet dancer, dressed in a gauzy dress of cornflower blue, strolls gracefully through the Summer Garden of St. Petersburg. A bed of greenery catches her eye, its scent soaring to the blue skies above. It is verbena, with its exquisite tang of lemon which stops her in her tracks. The uplifting zest of lemon meets sharp petitgrain and together they blend seamlessly into the lavender and basil, enhanced by the heat of the Provencal sun. A green accord of vetiver and moss grounds her as she savours the beauty of this moment.

The Florals

Jasmin Majorelle

You walk through the Majorelle Garden and are dazzled by the beauty of this iconic Marrakech garden. The perfection of the shimmering blue shade of the legendary house and the intense yellow of the sun takes your breath away when suddenly you come across a stranger. The trail he leaves in his wake leaves you speechless. Or maybe it’s just the wind blowing through the lush flora? This intoxicating fragrance has a name: Jasmin Majorelle. Coriander, lemon and sage blend invisibly into sensual notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and neroli. White musk and iris sing the final act to this unforgettable aria.

Tubéreuse Trianon

Imagine a garden steeped in history and memory, a garden that once heard the footsteps and laughter of Marie Antoinette and her courtiers. You find yourself in the Trianon gardens at Versailles. The unique scent of tuberose sings to the sun and is joined by a chorus of garden rhubarb and petit grain. A firework of scent bursts from its heart: lily of the valley, jasmine, ylang-ylang, neroli and frangipani blossom. The evening air is still fresh on this beautiful spring day. The softest caresses of raspberry, coconut and balsams feel like a tender kiss on the back of your neck.

Rose Trocadéro

In this beautiful month of May, a woman dressed in elegant 1930’s style is savouring the voluptuous scent from the flowering trees in the Trocadero Garden. Blackcurrant and rose delight her senses, before becoming more intense under the spring sunshine. Rose absolute makes its entrance, accompanied by nuances of clove and geranium. A cocktail of floral sweetness makes the moment glow. Musk and honey emerge like sunbeams, adding the warmth of their embrace.

The Woody

Bois Tabac Virginia

While out in the forest, you think you see a young, mischievous wood nymph through the foliage. She releases the forest aromas in her wake as she dances ahead of you through the trees. You recognize the greenery of sage, the herbal scent of lavender and the lemon accent of geranium. As you continue your walk through the woods, you inhale the wholesome air and discover the aromatic notes of vetiver, cedarwood and cistus. Your quest takes you deeper, revealing waves of sandalwood, incense and patchouli and ambergris. The forest has left you forever touched by its mystical enchantments.

Sandalwood Sacré

 Let yourself be transported to India, in the silent heart of a grove of sacred trees. You find yourself in nature’s own sanctuary, with darts of jasmine and lemon lighting up the shade as if the spirits are welcoming you. Ylang-ylang and sandalwood combine with the unique aroma of geranium. You are replenished by this journey, embraced by the scents of patchouli, oakmoss, and civet. Sandalwood Sacré has revealed its mysterious nature to you and you want it with you always.

Mousse Arashiyama

You walk through a silent bamboo forest on the banks of a Japanese river where the freshness of bergamot merges with drifts of incense from a distant temple. Mousse Arashiyama eau de parfum is your inner voice that leads you to meditation and tranquility. An aquatic nuance suggests a trickling stream, complemented by gourmand accords of sun-drenched fig. A feeling of purity and calmness overcomes you as the woody notes of this creation are quietly diffused into the stillness of the air. Oak moss, vetiver and cedar wood leave their footprints on the forest floor.

Cuir de Russie

The smoky scent of leather ballet shoes wafts towards you carried by the breathtaking music of Tchaikovsky. The dancers seems to fly and dart before your eyes. The zesty notes of lemon, petitgrain and bergamot light up your senses as they move. The orchestra plays sensual notes of violet, ylang-ylang and cedar wood as the movements slow to the rhythm of the music. The final act ends with pensive accords of labdanum and sandalwood. The earthy scent of vetiver, patchouli and oak moss adds final signature of beauty.

Oriental Sans Souci

A cocktail of oriental spices and exotic flowers are picked at the first dew of the morning. Oriental Sans Souci reveals its true nature through sublime notes of basil and rose, coupled with the tangy scents of bergamot and lemon. A bouquet of jasmine, ylang-ylang and neroli flowers makes the heart of the fragrance beat, warmed by the comfort of exquisite vanilla. You find yourself drifting into dreams of faraway lands, as the embrace of warm tonka and patchouli follow in your wake.

Osmanthe Liu Yuan

Osmanthe Liu Yuan is a subtle combination of fruity nuances and exotic accords that scents your home as a candle or as scented stem. Its scent is both comforting and familiar. Childhood memories revisit you with a sense of happy surprise. This is the scent of the kitchen as apricots and peaches are warmed on the stove. Floral notes bloom into the room, as if the garden has come indoors. Jasmine absolute blends with the essence of osmanthus, as a delicate leather scent adds a unique feeling of rarity.

Le Jardin Retrouvé will lead down an enchanting path to the inner garden that sits deep within your soul. Connect with haute parfumerie made in the classic French style using traditional methods. Live within your spiritual inner garden where all your dreams become possibilities.

Have you been seeking out a fragrance you’ll never tire of? A scent that leaves the perfect signature sillage in your wake? It can be overwhelming with so many thousands of fragrances vying for your attention, which is why we invite you into our peaceful scented garden. Thanks to the Le Jardin Retrouvé olfactory quiz, in just a few minutes, you can be matched to your ideal scented signature. Intrigued? Keep reading!

How to choose a perfume?

Choosing one perfume over another is always a uniquely personal matter. There are seven major fragrance families in the world of perfumery, each with its own sub-families. If you are choosing your next Le Jardin Retrouvé fragrance in person, you may find a few tips useful.

First, make sure you are not too close to other people. The scents of the perfumes they are trying could mingle with yours and cloud your judgement.  Remember that after spraying several different fragrances, your sense of smell may become saturated or overwhelmed. You can remedy this by stepping outdoors for few minutes or smelling part of your skin that is unscented. The inside of your elbow is a good place to do this, for example.

If you decide to spray a fragrance directly on your skin, consider trying it on the inside of your wrists, which is a pulse point. The rhythm of your pulse, like your heartbeat, will warm and amplify the scent. Don’t make the common mistake of frantically rubbing them together. This will break down the olfactory molecules, altering the original fragrance. Finally, consider the structure of perfumes:

– the top notes are perceived from the first spray, but are more volatile;

– middle notes represent the personality of the fragrance, and are more long-lasting;

– the base notes are the most enduring and are therefore of great importance in choosing your perfume.

Is it possible to choose a perfume by proxy?

You could be forgiven that choosing a fragrance from a distance is difficult. Le Jardin Retrouvé has created ways of making this as easy as possible.

When it comes to perfume, looking at your old favourites can help you find a new one. Look at the notes in the Le Jardin Retrouvé collection of 11 fragrances and see where there’s a match. The perfect tool for this is Perfumist, which matches you to a Le Jardin Retrouvé fragrances when you type in a current or previous favourite. Just look for the little red icon in the right-hand corner of our website.

Our house of Haute-Parfumerie also offers you the opportunity of discovering our fragrances via our discovery sets, which correspond to each olfactory family. However, if you don’t know where to start, try the quiz, try Perfumist or even order the full set of 11 fragrances and try everything! This also applies if you are looking for a perfume to give to a friend or family member, but don’t know what they’d like best.

Le Jardin Retrouvé also welcomes personal correspondence and questions if you get stuck, or even if you’re just curious.

Why did we set up an olfactory quiz?

We know that choosing your perfect fragrance can be daunting. This is why Jardin Retrouvé set up the olfactory quiz to help you make your choice before placing your order. It helps you discover the scents and olfactory families that suit you best, thus avoiding a blind buy that doesn’t work for you.

This handy quiz can also be a great help when you want to give a fragrant gift to someone else and you want a perfect match. The quiz is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. All you have to do is answer five short questions that will mainly focus on your tastes and preferences, such as your favourite colour or the season of the year you prefer. You will also be asked about more emotional based elements, to help lead you towards your ideal match.

How to use the results

Once you have your quiz results, you will be one step closer to knowing your favourite genre of fragrance. You’ll receive a summary and our recommendations with a link to the Le Jardin Retrouvé website. For example, if your results reveal that you prefer light and refreshing scents, we might suggest Verveine d’Été, Citron Boboli or even our eau fraiche, Eau des Délices.

If the quiz reveals you to be a lover of florals, then we might match you to Tubéreuse Trianon, Rose Trocadero, and Jasmin Majorelle

Or perhaps you’ll discover that you are a spiritual soul with a deep connection to nature? You may find yourself directed towards our woody/leather fragrances: Sandalwood Sacré, Bois Tabac Virginia or our timeless flagship scent, Cuir de Russie.

What are the benefits of the scent quiz?

The Le Jardin Retrouvé quiz aims to match you with a scent you’ll love.

Our Haute-Parfumerie house offers several creations in each family. Once you’ve made a match, it’s time to get to know them, and that’s where our discovery sets come to the rescue.

Our discovery sets are categorised by genre:  Fresh, Winter, Floral, Woody/Leather and Citrus. We also have a Heritage set of our original 7 fragrances and a set that contains all 11. Every Discovery Set comes with a gift code that you can use against your first purchase from us.

Perfume can become an integral part of your personality. It is your signature, a scent that others associate with you.

Le Jardin Retrouvé haute parfumerie will be your guide on this journey of discovery and it all begins with  our olfactory quiz…

Our discovery sets are kits of mini-sprays that allow you to take the time to try the fragrances of Le Jardin Retrouvé. To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, we have put them together by scent group…

The discovery sets: a way to test different fragrances

Woody and Leathery Fragrances

This discovery set includes 4 fragrances with woody and leather accords. This will introduce you to:

  • Bois Tabac Virginia, which opens with notes of lavender, sage and geranium. The heart notes combine vetiver, cistus, petit grain, cedar and ylang-ylang. It finishes with intense base notes of sandalwood, incense, ambergris and patchouli. Its woody scent is inspired by the Virginia Arboretum in the United States;
  • Cuir de Russie, the flagship scent of Le Jardin Retrouvé. The top notes of lemon, lime, violet and petit grain blend seamlessly into the heart notes: cedar, violet leaf, styrax and ylang ylang. A long-lasting base gives an accord of leather, cade, sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss and labdanum;
  • Sandalwood Sacré, with its characteristic powdery accords. It welcomes you in with notes of jasmine, lemon and aldehydes and continues its journey with notes of sandalwood, geranium and ylang-ylang. The base notes broaden into an unforgettable blend of patchouli, oakmoss, tonka bean, labdanum and civet;
  • Mousse Arashiyama, a soothing eau de parfum, evokes the calm and enchantment of a bamboo grove. Bergamot, incense and lentiscus emerge gently, followed by aquatic notes and a fig accord, which continues with woody nuances, oakmoss, vetiver and cedar.

Floral Fragrances

Our discovery set of 3 mini sprays of floral fragrances are composed of:

  • Jasmine Majorelle, a solar fragrance with top notes of lavender, geranium and sage. The heart notes of vetiver, ylang, cistus and petitgrain cedar combine harmoniously with the base notes of sandalwood, incense, patchouli and ambergris;
  • Rose Trocadero, a soft floral fragrance that takes us back to our childhood memories. Rose essence, blackcurrant begin the journey, followed by rose absolute, geranium and clove, finished with nuances of honeyed musk.
  • Tubéreuse Trianon, referring to the Garden of Versailles, which perfumes the air with a sweet, floral scent. The top notes are composed of rhubarb, petit grain and coriander. Lily of the valley, jasmine, neroli, frangipani flower, clove and tuberose create the heart, which ends with a base of raspberry, coconut and Peruvian balsam.

Fresh Fragrances

If you like your fragrance to be both discreet and refreshing, this selection of perfumes is for you:

  • Eau des Délices, the only eau fraiche in the Le Jardin Retrouvé range, is ideal for hot summer days. The top notes begin with subtle scents of citrus, verbena and petit grain. The heart notes are composed of lavender, neroli and clary sage and the base notes combine patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss and musk.
  • Verveine d’Été evokes the newly washed grass as the sun comes out after a storm. Let yourself be transported by its notes of lemon and verbena, followed by lavender and basil, against a dewy backdrop of vetiver and oakmoss.
  • Jasmine Majorelle, also found in the Floral Discovery Set, is a sunny scent, perfectly blending floral and peppery notes. It is a fragrance with an unforgettable sillage.

Hesperide perfumes

The Hesperides olfactory family includes invigorating fragrances that feel energizing. This discovery set is perfect if you like fresh and zesty fragrances. It contains:

  • Citron Boboli which, as the name suggests, starts with lemon notes, leading to a chorus of orange, galbanum, cinnamon, and petit grain. The heart of this eau de parfum consists of clove, black pepper and geranium. Vanilla and musk close the dance.
  • Eau des Délices, the perfect combination of a fresh and captivating fragrance and energizing and timeless eau de cologne.
  • Verveine d’Été, a delicate citrus eau de parfum. To create it, Yuri Gutsatz was inspired by the Summer Garden of Saint Petersburg, the oldest in the city, where flower beds, sculptures and shrubs are decoratively intermingled.

Winter Fragrances

For scents that envelop and comfort, choose the winter fragrance discovery set, including:

  • Citron Boboli which teams the freshness of citrus notes with warming spicy pepper. This original combination makes it a resolutely modern and singular fragrance, reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside, in the heart of Italy.
  • Sandalwood Sacré, which will charm you from the very first spray, releasing a cloud of sensual and intoxicating eau de parfum. A spiritual dimension emanates from this Indian-inspired eau de parfum.
  • Oriental Sans Souci, an exotic scent that begins with top notes of bergamot, lemon and basil. The heart notes of this fragrance blend jasmine, ylang, neroli and vanilla. Wilting autumnally into a base of tonka bean, oakmoss, patchouli and ambergris.

More complete discovery sets to discover…

If these descriptions have tempted to discover all our fragrances, then you might like to order our full set of all eleven haute parfumerie fragrances. Discover 3 citrus scents (Citron Boboli, Eau des Délices and Verveine d’Été), 3 floral scents (Jasmin Majorelle, Tubéreuse Trianon, and Rose Trocadéro), 3 woody scents (Bois Tabac Virginia, Sandalwood Sacré and Mousse Arashiyama), a leather/floral scent (Cuir de Russie) and a warming oriental scent (Oriental Sans Souci).

These mini sprays each contain a generous 3 ml of perfume and are delivered in a pretty fabric pouch, made from the personal textile collection of Arlette, the wife of our master perfumer Yuri Gutsatz.

You can also select our 7 Le Jardin Retrouvé heritage perfumes, including Citron Boboli, Cuir de Russie, Eau des Délices, Rose Trocadéro, Sandalwood Sacré, Tubéreuse Trianon and Verveine d’Été. They are also presented in a fabric pouch, which you can reuse endlessly as many of our customers do.

Le Jardin Retrouvé offers you a surprise…

When you buy one of our Discovery Sets you will also receive an exclusive gift code. This code offers you a discount equivalent to the value of the chosen discovery kit, with the only exception being our set of 11 fragrances, with which you receive a 24E gift code.

You can then apply this gift code to your next purchase, starting at a minimum order of 35 euros.

Our sets will help you to find a favourite from our house of haute parfumerie and your gift code will help put your new signature scent into your hands. In other words (and not counting postage) we give you your money back!

The Scent Quiz: an essential way of finding your ideal scent

To help you find your ideal perfume, Le Jardin Retrouvé has created an olfactory quiz for you.

The quiz takes the form of an olfactory personality test. You will be asked several questions to determine which fragrance matches your preferences.  Perhaps you could use this opportunity to find a replacement for that elusive favourite that they don’t make any more?

The results will provide you with your own personal recommendations. In addition, you will be given a gift code that you can use when you place your first order on our site.

We know that choosing a perfume means being able to try it first and that’s why we’ve made it so easy.  We are confident that one of our Le Jardin Retrouvé fragrances will become your new signature scent!