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Port offert à partir de 80€ d'achats - Paiement en 4X sans frais
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Fragrance Lovers: Rich Goller

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Rich Goller is the writer and photographer behind the popular blog fragroom. We always enjoy reading Rich’s lyrical prose and seeing his breathtaking visuals which he creates from his home in South Africa. He kindly took time out of his busy fragrant life to answer our nosy questions.

What question do you get asked most often?

People always ask me, “Do you sell fragrances”? The answer is no, I just write about them.

What’s your first scent memory?

My mother wearing Bien-Être, a very popular eau de cologne in Mauritius, where she was born. I loved its refreshing citrus vibe. To this day, I’m a sucker for cheap, but chic-smelling eau de colognes.

What was the first fragrance you bought?

The Body Shop White Musk. For good reason, this 80s classic seems to feature in many of our lives.

How did you discover us?

If I remember correctly, you discovered me. (edit: Rich is quite correct! He wrote beautifully about our fragrances here on his blog)

Photo by Rich Goller

What does fragrance mean to you?

It means so many things, depending on the mood. That’s part of its beauty. At their best, fragrances are works of creative and technical brilliance, which is why I love interviewing perfumers so much. They are a key element of a specific time, along with music, fashion, art and design.On a more personal level, they bring me pure pleasure, escapism and comfort. These have become even more important in our covid world.

What do you think the fragrance industry needs in the future? 

Gosh, that’s a big question and so early in the morning. I’m all for  mystique, but there needs to be a lot less bamboozling of consumers.


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