Port offert à partir de 80€ d'achats - Paiement en 4X sans frais
Port offert à partir de 80€ d'achats - Paiement en 4X sans frais

From Flower to Flacon

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More often these days, people want to be informed before they buy their fragrance and beauty products. Where do the ingredients come from? Who grows them? How are they made into perfume? All these questions are important and deserve answers.

Our ingredients often begin life in the soil of their natural habitat and come to us from the specialist producers who tend them. If our perfumes could tell stories, they would be full of exotic colour and far flung lands. From our tuberose absolute to our Indian Mysore sandalwood, we can account for every single drop. 

Keeping it in The Family

Many of our trusted suppliers are small family businesses, just like ours. These are the  independent suppliers that Yuri formed a working relationship with in the 1960s. Today the next generation of Yuri’s family works with the next generation of theirs to bring you timeless fragrances from their natural habitats. When you work from family to family, not only do you trust and respect each other, but every detail is accounted for.

photo by Brigitte Rivoire-Chevalier

A Perfume Is Born

Our perfumes contain a high percentage of natural ingredients, sourced from specialist producers from all over the world. Our suppliers pick the freshest raw ingredients and process them  into the finest absolutes, hydrolates and essences. This is what we receive at our lab and this is what goes into the perfume you wear.

 The photo you see above was taken in India by Brigitte Rivoire-Chevalier, who was Yuri’s assistant in Paris.

Our Heritage Makes us Different

The link between our Maison de parfum then and now remains strong and unbroken. Yuri was highly respected as a perfumer and we adhere to both his methods and formulas in order to stay true to his legacy. 

Here at Le Jardin Retrouvé, we follow closely in Yuri’s footsteps. Using his exact methods distinguishes us from other perfume houses. Each perfume has been reconstructed by the expert hand of Maxence Moutte. Our fragrance concentrate that Maxence assembles in our Paris lab matures for three weeks and then is sent to macerate in alcohol for three weeks. Nothing is rushed to get the perfect result. 

This is the story of every bottle. This is our Maison de parfum.

Feature photo by Brigitte Rivoire-Chevalier

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