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Spotlight on…Mousse Arashiyama

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Mousse Arashiyama Notes

Top Notes: Bergamot, incense, lentiscus

Heart Notes: aquatic notes, fig accord

Base notes: oakmoss, vetiver, cedar

The birth of Mousse Arashiyama

2018 Mousse Arashiyama began life as a candle fragrance, created exclusively for Le Jardin Retrouvé by our in house perfumer Maxence Moutte (left). It quickly sold out and had to be restocked. 2021 Such was its popularity that when Le Jardin Retrouvé launched its unique diffuser range, Mousse Arashiyama found its home there too. By now the clamour for an eau de parfum made it an obvious next step and once more, Maxence Moutte returned to the lab.

“My memories of the moss garden from Arashiyama, Kyoto, and the extraordinary quality of the Oak Moss we had in our lab at Le Jardin Retrouvé, triggered my inspiration for Mousse Arashiyama. A poetic and peaceful garden with velvety touches of green moss, pale trunk trees rising up to the sky. Oak moss, vetiver, cedarwood, incense and lentiscus”


It could be said that Mousse Arashiyama was launched at the exact time that society needed such a fragrance. In a world bruised and limping into the third year of a global pandemic, both hearts and minds were in sore need of inner peace and contemplation. With its soothing sense of sanctuary and reflection, this fragrance, so perfect for meditation, provided a moment of silent tranquility in a challenging world.

The Mousse Arashiyama Collection

Mousse Arashiyama is a gender-free Eau de Parfum inviting contemplation, serenity, and spirituality. In this creation, Maxence Moutte gives us his poetic vision of the mossy undergrowth of a Japanese bamboo grove. Take a deep, healing breath and enjoy the green notes of lentiscus, fleshy figs, and pearls of dew. From a distant temple, breezes of incense and sacred woods are enhanced by the freshness of bergamot.

Bring Mousse Arashiyama into your home with the scented stem diffuser and the fragrant candle.

Art by Clara Feder

The Japanese have long known the spiritual and health benefits of Forest Bathing: a simple immersion in nature as a counterpoint to the frenzied work culture that modern life demands. It was the Japanese Arashiyama Forest that inspired Maxence Moutte to create what began as the Mousse Mystique candle and became the Mousse Arashiyama candle, diffuser and eau de parfum.

“The wet green scent of Mousse Arashiyama will appeal to those who value solitude over everyone’s attention, contemplation over a stormy exchange of opinions, and silence over loud music.”


“Muffled by moss and trees, you are surrounded by tranquility. There is a fig accord which is by turns juicy and ripe, milky and tender. A drift of incense from a distant temple passes through the canyon of trees that tower above you.”

-Samantha Scriven for CaFleureBon

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