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Spotlight on…Osmanthe Liu Yuan!

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The composition of Osmanthe Liu Yuan

🍑Notes of Osmanthus, jasmine, peach and leather.

🍑Candle made in France, reusable jar, 100% Vegan ingredients.

🍑100% Made in France

🍑Scented Stem: refillable and reusable, 100% Vegan ingredients, 92% natural products in the fragrance.

The inspiration behind Osmanthe Liu Yuan

Osmanthe Liu Yuan was inspired by the garden of the same name, located in the city of Suzhou, China. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The Liu Yuan Garden has existed since 1593, during the Ming Dynasty. It is regarded as one of the four most beautiful gardens in China and is known as the “strolling garden” or “garden of nonchalance”.

The garden is a perfect harmony between the enchantment and beauty of nature and ornate architectural features. There are several zones within the Liu Yuan Garden including rockeries, waterways and green hills, as well as pavilions and pagodas. Among the lush vegetation of the garden are magnolias, laurel trees, peach trees, bonsai trees and ancient gingko trees. The solar, fruity fragrance of these breath-taking pathways induces a feeling of deep serenity and calm. It is this feeling that our perfumer aimed to replicate in our Osmanthe Liu Yuan home fragrance range.

Osmanthe Liu Yuan: the scented candle

The Osmanthe Liu Yuan candle perfumes your home with a seamless blend of jasmine and osmanthus, inspired by childhood nostalgia of jam making in a Provencal kitchen. The unique accord of the osmanthus flower creates an enchanting atmosphere in your room, before gently revealing a nuance of leather, adding refinement and elegance to this fruity floral aroma.

The Osmanthe Liu Yuan candle was cast in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, in a pot made from fine Limoges porcelain. The outside is decorated with pure white gingko leaves, while the inside of the jar has a peach toned glaze that matches this apricot fragrance. The lid of the candle is made of raw Jura beech wood.  After you’ve enjoyed nearly fifty hours of candlelit fragrance, the jar has endless uses for its second life and is also food safe once washed. The core values of Le Jardin Retrouvé are in line with an eco-responsible approach. Natural components are prioritised where possible, as are efforts to limit waste by using recycled packaging and offering refill provision.

Osmanthe Liu Yuan

Osmanthe Liu Yuan Scented Stem

For an elegant, minimalist touch to your home, the scented stem presents a singular porcelain rose stem with remarkable scent diffusion power. Like the candles, the Scented Stem diffuser consists of a white Limoges pot decorated with a raised gingko leaf design. It has a beechwood lid and a porous porcelain fragrance stem to give your home a style that is as contemporary as it is chic.

As with the candle, the diffuser is both beautiful and functional and can be used for other purposes once empty. The box also includes a recycled and recyclable aluminium bottle, which contains the Osmanthe Liu Yuan fragrance. All these elements are stored in a box manufactured by a French company that has the FSC and imprim’vert labels, thus guaranteeing the reduction of its impact on the environment.

To use the Scented Stem, simply fill the jar with all of the fragrant liquid contained in the flask, then slide the wand through the hole in the lid. The irresistible fragrance will subtly bloom in your home, adding its sublime fragrance to the room. After about three months, when the diffuser is empty, simply soak the fragrance wand in a little household alcohol for a few hours, choose a new refill and repeat the process indefinitely: a lifelong artisanal keepsake.

Clara Feder is Le Jardin Retrouvé Creative Director. She’s also a writer and a ghost writer with more than 20 published books. Her art has been exhibited all over the world and she creates synesthetic and multimedia exhibitions and displays for the brand.

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