Spotlight on…Rose Trocadéro skin care

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Rose Trocadéro skin care outline

Biodegradable castor balls, soothing cucumber seed extract, 99% natural ingredients, Rose Trocadéro scented.

The inspiration behind Rose Trocadéro body care products

1975: When Yuri Gutsatz founded the world’s first niche perfumery, he had the invaluable support and creative input of his wife Arlette, herself no stranger to customer trends and appetites. With Arlette as his inspiration, Yuri introduced ancillary products to the Le Jardin Retrouvé product range an approach other brands were yet to adopt. As you can see from ELLE magazine of November 1982 bathroom pamper time was fully embraced by icons such as Jane Birkin. Next to her hairbrush, you’ll see a bottle of Le Jardin Retrouvé perfume.

Fast forward to 2020 and just as the body scrub and lotion launched, so did a pandemic. “Wash your hands” became a mantra worldwide and Le Jardin Retrouvé could play a modest role in helping restore hands constantly scrubbed.

After use my skin was so soft. I did this on Friday night after my hard day at work and gym session. It was my pamper night. When I tell you it really soothed me I’m not exaggerating. Plus my skin smells so good I couldn’t stop smelling it. And I slept like a baby. I didn’t have to put on moisturizer, my skin is totally hydrated.


When Michel Gutsatz and his wife Clara Feder revived Le Jardin Retrouvé, they quickly realized that Yuri and Arlette’s ideas were still appropriate. When it came to developing new body products, the flagship Rose Trocadéro fragrance felt like the right choice. Judging by the feedback, the body scrub was successful. It was closely followed by a matching body cream, much to the delight of its fans. Its versatility was quickly spotted: the cream soothes over-washed hands and the scrub acts as the the perfect pre manicure preparation.

Rose Trocadéro returns…in a different form

Every fragrance house needs “its” rose and Le Jardin Retrouvé is no exception. The timeless popularity of Rose Trocadéro (the signature scent of Arlette Gutsatz herself) lent itself perfectly to the cream and scrub. Using 99% natural ingredients, the products were a success with people who used them. When Le Jardin Retrouvé introduced a candle range in 2018, Rose Trocadéro was selected as one of the fragrances used to scent them. Now every bathroom can smell like “a bed of roses.”

Layering a fragrance is a highly effective way in which to extend the lasting power of your perfume throughout the day. Once your skin is cleansed by the scrub and moisturized by the matching cream, a few sprays of Rose Trocadéro eau de parfum will fragrance your every move for that little bit longer.

Made with biodegradable castor beads with moisturizing and soothing properties and cucumber seed oil, this is a knockout rose scent that will project you into a sun-filled garden. Rose is known for its soothing properties in aromatherapy. Even after rinsing your skin will remain delicately scented. 


99% Natural, 100% Beautiful

Our Body Scrub combines the exfoliating properties of biodegradable castor balls with the moisturizing and soothing properties of cucumber seed oil extract. Its fragrance is ideal for an intimate escape moment. After rinsing, your skin will remain subtly scented. Thanks to its creamy texture, your skin will regain suppleness and radiance.
Our Body Milk combines cucumber’s powerful moisturizing & soothing properties with our signature Rose Trocadéro fragrance. It will protect the body from dehydration while delicately perfuming it.

This is it, I’m in love with a smell! I tested this body scrub and I really love it. It’s a scrub cream, very gentle, with nourishing plant oils and biodegradable castor beads to exfoliate. With gentle rubbing, the moisturizer eventually penetrates, and the little grains fall off by themselves. For the hands and the décolletage it is top!) I love it to bits! Why? For its scent!!! It smells like a rose, the real rose I smelled in my garden when I was younger…. Beautiful!!!


Clara Feder is Le Jardin Retrouvé Creative Director. She’s also a writer and a ghost writer with more than 20 published books. Her art has been exhibited all over the world and she creates synesthetic and multimedia exhibitions and displays for the brand.

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