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Port offert à partir de 80€ d'achats - Paiement en 4X sans frais

Yuri Gutsatz


Le Jardin Retrouvé offers you a backstage peek at the different scents that make up each of our Haute-Parfumerie fragrances. All our creations have a unique visual, which evokes a poetic universe, as well as illustrating all the olfactory notes present in each perfume…

The Hesperides

Citron Boboli

From the very first spray of this eau de parfum, you are transported to the Boboli Garden in Florence, thanks to the transportive citrus scents of Italian lemon, lime, petit grain and orange. Cinnamon and galbanum add strength to these top notes and lead you down winding Florentine alleyways. You breathe in gentle wafts of spicy black pepper, clove and geranium. Renaissance statues meet your gaze, bringing their silent stories alive. You are caressed by breezes of warm vanilla and diaphanous musk as you explore the dazzling beauty of this exquisite city.

Eau des Délices

Its artwork is inspired by a painting “The Garden of Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch. This is an idyllic reflection of the blended accords of this eau fraiche. You are dazzled by an invigorating breeze of bergamot, petitgrain and verbena. These revitalizing accents scents gradually give way to a herbal bouquet of clary sage, lavender and orange blossom. A classic woody accord of patchouli, oakmoss and musk anoints your skin. Eau des Délices brings a feel-good breeze to your warm sun kissed skin.

Verveine d’Été

A young Russian ballet dancer, dressed in a gauzy dress of cornflower blue, strolls gracefully through the Summer Garden of St. Petersburg. A bed of greenery catches her eye, its scent soaring to the blue skies above. It is verbena, with its exquisite tang of lemon which stops her in her tracks. The uplifting zest of lemon meets sharp petitgrain and together they blend seamlessly into the lavender and basil, enhanced by the heat of the Provencal sun. A green accord of vetiver and moss grounds her as she savours the beauty of this moment.

The Florals

Jasmin Majorelle

You walk through the Majorelle Garden and are dazzled by the beauty of this iconic Marrakech garden. The perfection of the shimmering blue shade of the legendary house and the intense yellow of the sun takes your breath away when suddenly you come across a stranger. The trail he leaves in his wake leaves you speechless. Or maybe it’s just the wind blowing through the lush flora? This intoxicating fragrance has a name: Jasmin Majorelle. Coriander, lemon and sage blend invisibly into sensual notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and neroli. White musk and iris sing the final act to this unforgettable aria.

Tubéreuse Trianon

Imagine a garden steeped in history and memory, a garden that once heard the footsteps and laughter of Marie Antoinette and her courtiers. You find yourself in the Trianon gardens at Versailles. The unique scent of tuberose sings to the sun and is joined by a chorus of garden rhubarb and petit grain. A firework of scent bursts from its heart: lily of the valley, jasmine, ylang-ylang, neroli and frangipani blossom. The evening air is still fresh on this beautiful spring day. The softest caresses of raspberry, coconut and balsams feel like a tender kiss on the back of your neck.

Rose Trocadéro

In this beautiful month of May, a woman dressed in elegant 1930’s style is savouring the voluptuous scent from the flowering trees in the Trocadero Garden. Blackcurrant and rose delight her senses, before becoming more intense under the spring sunshine. Rose absolute makes its entrance, accompanied by nuances of clove and geranium. A cocktail of floral sweetness makes the moment glow. Musk and honey emerge like sunbeams, adding the warmth of their embrace.

The Woody

Bois Tabac Virginia

While out in the forest, you think you see a young, mischievous wood nymph through the foliage. She releases the forest aromas in her wake as she dances ahead of you through the trees. You recognize the greenery of sage, the herbal scent of lavender and the lemon accent of geranium. As you continue your walk through the woods, you inhale the wholesome air and discover the aromatic notes of vetiver, cedarwood and cistus. Your quest takes you deeper, revealing waves of sandalwood, incense and patchouli and ambergris. The forest has left you forever touched by its mystical enchantments.

Sandalwood Sacré

 Let yourself be transported to India, in the silent heart of a grove of sacred trees. You find yourself in nature’s own sanctuary, with darts of jasmine and lemon lighting up the shade as if the spirits are welcoming you. Ylang-ylang and sandalwood combine with the unique aroma of geranium. You are replenished by this journey, embraced by the scents of patchouli, oakmoss, and civet. Sandalwood Sacré has revealed its mysterious nature to you and you want it with you always.

Mousse Arashiyama

You walk through a silent bamboo forest on the banks of a Japanese river where the freshness of bergamot merges with drifts of incense from a distant temple. Mousse Arashiyama eau de parfum is your inner voice that leads you to meditation and tranquility. An aquatic nuance suggests a trickling stream, complemented by gourmand accords of sun-drenched fig. A feeling of purity and calmness overcomes you as the woody notes of this creation are quietly diffused into the stillness of the air. Oak moss, vetiver and cedar wood leave their footprints on the forest floor.

Cuir de Russie

The smoky scent of leather ballet shoes wafts towards you carried by the breathtaking music of Tchaikovsky. The dancers seems to fly and dart before your eyes. The zesty notes of lemon, petitgrain and bergamot light up your senses as they move. The orchestra plays sensual notes of violet, ylang-ylang and cedar wood as the movements slow to the rhythm of the music. The final act ends with pensive accords of labdanum and sandalwood. The earthy scent of vetiver, patchouli and oak moss adds final signature of beauty.

Oriental Sans Souci

A cocktail of oriental spices and exotic flowers are picked at the first dew of the morning. Oriental Sans Souci reveals its true nature through sublime notes of basil and rose, coupled with the tangy scents of bergamot and lemon. A bouquet of jasmine, ylang-ylang and neroli flowers makes the heart of the fragrance beat, warmed by the comfort of exquisite vanilla. You find yourself drifting into dreams of faraway lands, as the embrace of warm tonka and patchouli follow in your wake.

Osmanthe Liu Yuan

Osmanthe Liu Yuan is a subtle combination of fruity nuances and exotic accords that scents your home as a candle or as scented stem. Its scent is both comforting and familiar. Childhood memories revisit you with a sense of happy surprise. This is the scent of the kitchen as apricots and peaches are warmed on the stove. Floral notes bloom into the room, as if the garden has come indoors. Jasmine absolute blends with the essence of osmanthus, as a delicate leather scent adds a unique feeling of rarity.

Le Jardin Retrouvé will lead down an enchanting path to the inner garden that sits deep within your soul. Connect with haute parfumerie made in the classic French style using traditional methods. Live within your spiritual inner garden where all your dreams become possibilities.

Victoire de la Beauté: a ceremony that rewards responsible brands

At the 2022 Victoire de la Beauté ceremony, Le Jardin Retrouvé received a prestigious award. It is with great pride that we bask in this exciting win for our small Maison de Haute Parfumerie.
The Victoire de la Beauté ceremony has been held every year since 2002. The event rewards sustainability in the cosmetics and wellness sector. The winners are selected by a jury composed exclusively of French consumers. The methodology used is based on a participatory aspect. The volunteers test beauty products adapted to their skin type, hair type, age or possible sensitivities. They then receive them to use at home at their leisure, sometimes for up to sixteen weeks .

The packaging is “blind” meaning that the brands competing can not be identified and consumers cannot be influenced by the brand’s reputation. This ensures that the products are tested on their merits alone. Consumers examine such areas as texture, fragrance and in the case of skincare products, results. Using these methods, the consumer experience prevails over marketing and packaging.

When the tests are completed, products that have met the established criteria are presented with their award at the Victoires de la Beauté. The participating brands belong to a variety of distribution networks, such as pharmacies, para-pharmacies, beauty institutes, supermarkets, selective perfumeries and direct sales platforms. The awards are global and, above all, committed to sustainability.

This year, sustainable development and the reduction of plastic packaging were among the values particularly highlighted during the ceremony. In fact, the majority of the award-winning products were organic, natural, responsible and clean. This is probably why our entire range of
range of fragrances was able to win over the jury!

Our fragrances were rewarded by consumers for their compositions and their natural composition

Le Jardin Retrouvé is a house of Haute-Parfumerie founded in 1975 by master perfumer Yuri Gutsatz. Fragrances were created by hand, following a six-week maceration and maturation process, which has remained unchanged. Today, over 93% of our fragrances are made from clean ingredients.

Each fragrance has an organic alcohol base. No dyes or preservatives are used in our fragrances, nor are there any UV filters. Among our collection of 11 fragrances is an eau fraiche, Eau des Délices, made from essences of bergamot, mandarin, petit grain and clary sage. The result is a true olfactory delight, blending the acidity of citrus fruits with subtle vegetal notes.

Maxence Moutte

Our 11 eaux de parfum are also made from natural ingredients such as oakmoss and lentiscus, or essences of Virginia cedar and incense for our Mousse Arashiyama fragrance. The essence of cistus and the resinoid of violet leaf are used in the composition of our aromatic fragrance Cuir de Russie. Our floral and fruity fragrances, reminiscent of a garden in springtime, are created with essences of rose, geranium, neroli and blackcurrant and tuberose absolutes. For our spicier and woodier fragrances, we use the essences of basil, eucalyptus,clove, cinnamon, black pepper, sandalwood, patchouli, coriander and vetiver, as well as lavender absolute.

The ingredients in our fragrances are listed on the certificate of each product, which can be viewed on the Blockchain found on our packaging.

Le Jardin Retrouvé, a French brand committed to the environment

Since the quality of our ingredients is one of our main priorities, we take great care to select the raw materials directly from the producers. This choice is in line with the eco-responsible approach that is particularly important to us. We have also taken care to replace certain components that are harmful to the environment and to health. In addition, we are very proud to be a member of the 1% For The Planet movement, and to donate a portion of our turnover to associations that work for reforestation. We also take care to to design reusable products and to fight against waste.

Our perfumes are refillable

In the early years of our Haute Parfumerie company, the perfumes of Le Jardin Retrouvé perfumes were eco-friendly before their time and were already refillable. Nevertheless, at that time sustainability was not the major global issue it is today. Since 2016. Each perfume bottle is refillable. Storing it in a refrigerator can help your fragrance last for several years. When the bottle is empty, simply order the La Re:Source to refill it again and again.

Our packaging is environmentally friendly

Le Jardin Retrouvé perfumes are available in two packaging styles. You can choose the traditional recyclable cardboard box, or a recycled textile pouch. The fabrics are part of the personal collection of Arlette Gutsatz, Yuri’s wife. Each pouch is made in Paris, in a workshop that provides work opportunities for the disabled. By choosing this type of packaging, you are also benefitting the planet, by limiting waste. We avoid the use of plastic when sending our products, using only recycled and recyclable cardboard to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

A collection of eco friendly home fragrances

Le Jardin Retrouvé also offers a complete range of home fragrances. What could be better than
lighting a candle after a busy day and letting it gently perfume your home?

Floral, green, fruity, woody : an enchanting way of bringing the garden indoors.

Reusable Scented Candles

As well as providing a tranquil glow, our scented candles delicately fragrance your home. Each candle is contained in a Limoges porcelain jar, enamelled with colours that match their fragrances. For example, the Osmanthe Liu Yuan candle, has a fruity scent of childhood nostalgia. Ginkgo leaves adorn the outside of the jar, which has an enamelled interior of peach to match its fruity scent. The Tubéreuse Trianon scented candle, on the other hand, evokes a warm summer day. White flowers are nuanced with a hint of coconut. Visit our website to discover more.

All our candles are vegan and made in France. When the wick is completely consumed, the candle jar can be reused. To do this, place it in the freezer for about an hour. The remaining wax will come out easily.

Reusable Scented Stems

Our scented stem home diffuser received a warm reception from press and consumers alike when we launched them in 2021. Like our candles, they consist of Limoges porcelain decorated with a raised Gingko leaf pattern. The magical touch lies in the fact that our diffusers are porcelain rose stems rather than sticks. They can be reused endlessly, and you never need to dispose of them. Topped with a beech lid from the Jura region, our scented stems fit elegantly into the décor of any room and are availbale in the same fragrances as our candles. Made in France, they contain 92% natural ingredients and one flask of fragrance will last up to twelve weeks. When it’s time for a refill, soak the porcelain stem in domestic alcohol overnight and start all over again.

Our Core Values

As you can see, eco-responsibility is at the heart of all we do at Le Jardin Retrouvé. We are proud to have won the Victoires de la Beauté 2022 award for our perfumes, and we are even prouder to be able to offer you sustainable quality products, that respect nature and our beautiful planet.

Tubéreuse Trianon Notes

Top: rhubarb, petitgrain, coriander Middle: tuberose, lily of the valley, clove, jasmine, ylang ylang, neroli/orange blossom Base: frangipani, raspberry, coconut, Peru balsam

The inspiration behind Tubéreuse Trianon

1985: Tubéreuse Trianon burst onto the scene in the middle of the 80s’ the decade of New Romantics, decadence, and statement perfumes. Originally called Tubéreuse, it was reminiscent of the elaborate Trianon gardens of Marie Antoinette at Versailles, perfectly fitting in with 80s excesses. At the hands of Yuri Gutsatz, this was no ordinary tuberose. A touch of rhubarb in the top note and an unexpected note of raspberry brought out surprising facets of this enigmatic, nocturnal flower.

Yuri Gutsatz has a complex, Baroque style and he adds a little touch of something unexpected. You could say he creates unexpected twists that add a finishing touch. He was a true original.  

perfumer Maxence Moutte

In 2016 when Le Jardin Retrouvé was revived by Michel Gutsatz and his wife Clara Feder, curating a classic collection for the modern palate was crucial to the brand’s success. Yuri’s formulas made for a vast collection and it was difficult to choose just seven. Tubéreuse Trianon has more than earned its rightful place, becoming a consistent bestseller, year in and year out. Beloved of both customers and critics, its testimonials speak for themselves.

Tubéreuse Trianon today

Tubéreuse Trianon is a solar and luminous eau de parfum. With its notes of white flowers, raspberry and coconut this floral and fruity fragrance will make you travel to warmer climates: from a floral facet to creamy, musky and milky base notes. Due to its popularity, there is now a Tubéreuse Trianon candle and a matching 99% natural skincare duo consisting of hand & body milk and a body scrub. Customers report a new depth and longevity when this beloved floral fragrance is layered with our skincare products, not to mention that shimmer of iridescence.

Tuberose was introduced to Europe in the 16th century. It has a characteristic heady nocturnal scent that disappears when the flower is cut. By the 17th century, it had become popular in perfumery. Marie Antoinette called tuberose “Sillage de La Reine” and “Parfum de Trianon” after her beloved Trianon garden at Versailles, known for its intricate landscaped flowerbeds. The 20th century saw tuberose enjoying a renaissance and to this day it is widely used and enjoyed around the world.

 I think back to the first time I tried a sample of Tubéreuse Trianon. It was a year ago and I literally rolled my eyes back and luxuriated in the sunny glory of the scent. It was instant love. Had Chanel gone down the path of producing a tuberose perfume, this would be it.


Clara Feder’s inspired text on Tubéreuse Trianon: Trianon Gardens, Versailles, France circa 1689

“You are headed towards the Trianon in the Versailles garden where the King has had a profusion of flowerbeds planted. It is evening. You pass by a group of courtiers. A gaze pierces you. In its wake, the heady scent of tuberose, mingled with jasmine and ylang-ylang, and as though veiled, the unexpected trace of raspberry. Your heart just encountered love. It melts. 

Text and above image by Clara Feder. Feature image by Kaya Bagamaz for Le Jardin Retrouvé.

Tubéreuse Trianon perfectly illustrates the romantic facet of this versatile flower. In this perfume, the tuberose has joined a sunny jasmine and a seductive ylang-ylang note and together they merge into a very creamy and feminine scent. Even though it is listed as unisex, for me, Tubéreuse Trianon is certainly made to caress a woman’s skin. The fragrance is very potent and stays on my skin for hours and hours, but its velvety texture makes it very easy to wear and to love.


The Woman Who Made The Garden Grow

Arlette, the lifelong love of her husband Master Perfumer Yuri Gutsatz not only raised three sons and imported fabrics from India but also co-founded Le Jardin Retrouvé. It was Arlette who had the idea, revolutionary at the time, to expand her husband’s fragrance line just about anywhere that made sense to her. From perfumed bath oil to an oatmeal scrub, from scented soaps to fragrant candles, Arlette had her finger on the pulse of customer appetite and was an invaluable asset to the family business.

As well as raising three sons with Yuri and taking care of the marketing, networking and design of Le Jardin Retrouvé, Arlette was also in demand as a consultant, stylist and designer. Pictured is her design for the Dorothée Bis luggage and accessories division. She also worked with Cacharel, Ted Lapidus, Le Printemps, Chantal Thomas and more. She never allowed this side of her career to interfere with the creation of the world’s first niche perfume house. It was Arlette who ensured that Le Jardin Retrouvé reached the shores of Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Japan and countless European countries, to an audience thirsty for French haute perfumery.

A Woman Ahead of Her Time

In the 70s, Arlette orchestrated a collaboration with Agnès B and Le Jardin Retrouvé, a practice that is commonplace today, but was rare in the late 1970s. She attended trade fairs on her own (leaving Yuri in the lab, having driven her there) and was an irrepressible force of nature, organizing textile imports from India whilst being the quintessential heart of family life at the Gutsatz home in Paris. She had a surprisingly modern eye for upcycling, storing reams of Indian fabrics so they could be re-used (and they are, in our fabric pochons) and also acting as archivist, filing and dating every press mention carefully, so that we can refer to them today.

A Meeting of Hearts and Minds

Yuri and Arlette married within a year of meeting and remained devoted to each other until death parted them. Yuri passed away in 2005, leaving Arlette widowed. Their marriage was a meeting of hearts as well as minds, with Yuri still sending her romantic postcards and writing her poems well into his 80s.

Her favourite perfume? A Yuri Gutsatz creation, of course!

Arlette loved the scent of roses so it was little wonder then, that her chosen Le Jardin Retrouvé fragrance was Rose Thé, or Rose Trocadéro as it is known today. With notes of rose, white musk, clove and blackcurrant bud, the eau de parfum so beloved of Arlette smells the same today as it did then, and in keeping with her innovative spirit, we have a matching body scrub, body milk and a fragranced candle.

Arlette passed away on December 12th, 2012, 37 years to the day from when Le Jardin Retrouvé was established. To this day she inspires those who knew her and those who didn’t, and her influence lives on through the pioneering maison de parfum that she and Yuri created in their family home, back in 1975.

Rose Trocadéro skin care outline

Biodegradable castor balls, soothing cucumber seed extract, 99% natural ingredients, Rose Trocadéro scented.

The inspiration behind Rose Trocadéro body care products

1975: When Yuri Gutsatz founded the world’s first niche perfumery, he had the invaluable support and creative input of his wife Arlette, herself no stranger to customer trends and appetites. With Arlette as his inspiration, Yuri introduced ancillary products to the Le Jardin Retrouvé product range an approach other brands were yet to adopt. As you can see from ELLE magazine of November 1982 bathroom pamper time was fully embraced by icons such as Jane Birkin. Next to her hairbrush, you’ll see a bottle of Le Jardin Retrouvé perfume.

Fast forward to 2020 and just as the body scrub and lotion launched, so did a pandemic. “Wash your hands” became a mantra worldwide and Le Jardin Retrouvé could play a modest role in helping restore hands constantly scrubbed.

After use my skin was so soft. I did this on Friday night after my hard day at work and gym session. It was my pamper night. When I tell you it really soothed me I’m not exaggerating. Plus my skin smells so good I couldn’t stop smelling it. And I slept like a baby. I didn’t have to put on moisturizer, my skin is totally hydrated.


When Michel Gutsatz and his wife Clara Feder revived Le Jardin Retrouvé, they quickly realized that Yuri and Arlette’s ideas were still appropriate. When it came to developing new body products, the flagship Rose Trocadéro fragrance felt like the right choice. Judging by the feedback, the body scrub was successful. It was closely followed by a matching body cream, much to the delight of its fans. Its versatility was quickly spotted: the cream soothes over-washed hands and the scrub acts as the the perfect pre manicure preparation.

Rose Trocadéro returns…in a different form

Every fragrance house needs “its” rose and Le Jardin Retrouvé is no exception. The timeless popularity of Rose Trocadéro (the signature scent of Arlette Gutsatz herself) lent itself perfectly to the cream and scrub. Using 99% natural ingredients, the products were a success with people who used them. When Le Jardin Retrouvé introduced a candle range in 2018, Rose Trocadéro was selected as one of the fragrances used to scent them. Now every bathroom can smell like “a bed of roses.”

Layering a fragrance is a highly effective way in which to extend the lasting power of your perfume throughout the day. Once your skin is cleansed by the scrub and moisturized by the matching cream, a few sprays of Rose Trocadéro eau de parfum will fragrance your every move for that little bit longer.

Made with biodegradable castor beads with moisturizing and soothing properties and cucumber seed oil, this is a knockout rose scent that will project you into a sun-filled garden. Rose is known for its soothing properties in aromatherapy. Even after rinsing your skin will remain delicately scented. 


99% Natural, 100% Beautiful

Our Body Scrub combines the exfoliating properties of biodegradable castor balls with the moisturizing and soothing properties of cucumber seed oil extract. Its fragrance is ideal for an intimate escape moment. After rinsing, your skin will remain subtly scented. Thanks to its creamy texture, your skin will regain suppleness and radiance.
Our Body Milk combines cucumber’s powerful moisturizing & soothing properties with our signature Rose Trocadéro fragrance. It will protect the body from dehydration while delicately perfuming it.

This is it, I’m in love with a smell! I tested this body scrub and I really love it. It’s a scrub cream, very gentle, with nourishing plant oils and biodegradable castor beads to exfoliate. With gentle rubbing, the moisturizer eventually penetrates, and the little grains fall off by themselves. For the hands and the décolletage it is top!) I love it to bits! Why? For its scent!!! It smells like a rose, the real rose I smelled in my garden when I was younger…. Beautiful!!!


Cuir de Russie Notes

Top: Lemon, aldehydes, lime, petitgrain Middle: Violet, violet leaf, cedar, styrax, ylang ylang Base: Leather, cade, vetiver, patchouli, oakmoss, labdanum, sandalwood

The inspiration behind Cuir de Russie

1977: Cuir de Russie captures a long-held childhood recollection for perfumer Yuri Gutsatz. It was inspired by the fond memory of his father’s leather boots and strap back in St. Petersburg before Yuri had to flee the country as a child never to see his father again. Cuir de Russie became his talisman and his signature scent, as it still is for his son, Michel. This legendary leather was used for the shoes of Diaghilev’s ballet troupe. Many perfume houses have their own version of Russian Leather, but none quite like that of Le Jardin Retrouvé, with its authentic Russian roots.

Cuir de Russie has a soft, warm, sparkling violet and peppery opening.  It feels like it dances on the skin with its warmth, yet cool embrace.  There’s so much movement to the perfume as it whirls and twirls to the delight of my nose.


When Le Jardin Retrouvé was revived in 2016, Michel Gutsatz and his wife Clara knew that Cuir de Russie had to be a part of the collection. This was a perfume that was very personal to Yuri: from young Russian boy to world class perfumer, it encapsulates the story of his life more than any other fragrance that he made.

Cuir de Russie returns

Since 2016, Cuir de Russie has become a firm customer favourite, enjoying rave reviews from around the world. Praised by men and woman alike, this exceptional eau de parfum allows gentle violets to merge with leather, juniper wood, and the warmth of cinnamon. When Le Jardin Retrouvé introduced a candle range in 2018, Cuir de Russie was selected as one of the quartet of fragrances. Customer demand would accept nothing less!

The intensely personal and nostalgic origins of Cuir de Russie, coupled with the timeless appeal of a Russian leather fragrance, made it an invaluable addition to the Le Jardin Retrouvé collection. It has since become the Le Jardin Retrouvé flagship fragrance and a bestseller, cementing Yuri’s status as a master of his craft.

 It’s a breathtaking fragrance. You can smell quality and love in this. It’s a fantastic old-school leather with a twist thanks to the juniper instead of birch. I get a bit of spice from the cinnamon and there are floral and green notes as well that remind you of a scented leather glove or boot. This is one that you want a bottle of especially if you appreciate history and French perfumery.


Clara Feder’s inspired text on Cuir de Russie: Ballets Russes, Paris, circa 1924

“The opera hall is packed. Diaghilev is presenting his Ballets Russes.  Flamboyant Parisians and you are seated in the front row. Wide-eyed, you watch Nijinsky and his soft leather boots. He leaps, he spins, he fills the stage with the bewitching scent of ylang-ylang, violet, and cinnamon enveloping a harmony of cade wood and styrax. You wish that this moment could last forever…”

Text and above image by Clara Feder

The masterpiece of Le Jardin Retrouvé’s rereleased collection without any doubt whatsoever is Cuir de Russie…In a stroke of genius it is driven by bluntness and earthiness, pulled down and given a breadth I see in more contemporary suede leathers, giving a tremendous worn-in effect. Combining this with violet flower adds an earthy puff of powder over the body of the composition, reinforced through cinnamon and soft resins.


Rose Trocadéro Notes

Top: Rose essence, blackcurrant, green notes Middle: Rose absolute, geranium, clove Base: honey,Musk

The early years of Rose Trocadéro

1976: Rose Trocadéro was a fragrance that had personal connotations for Yuri Gutsatz. He was inspired by the fragrances women wore in the 1920s when he was just a boy, and those precious emotions translated into a classic eau de parfum that became the signature scent of his wife and muse, Arlette. Originally named Rose Thé, it was launched the year after Yuri established the world’s first niche perfume house and featured in many popular magazines. Today, the fragrance is the same and has captured the hearts of a new generation who seek the classic French haute perfumery methods at which Yuri excelled.

In Rose Trocadéro I have found the comforting smell of my happy memories. The roses from this perfume are bright pink, with dewy petals and bees flying around them. This perfume is in no way mischievous, as some rose-centered perfume maybe, but it is pure and joyful, like the smile of a child.

Adelinne07, fragrantica member

A t the revival of Le Jardin Retrouvé in 2016, Michel Gutsatz and his wife Clara knew instinctively that no fragrance collection was complete without a flagship rose. Rose Trocadéro brought its own style of French classicism into the twenty-first century.

Rose Trocadéro coming back to life

Since 2016, The eau de parfum is generating a new fan base among perfume lovers who seek a touch of Parisian elegance, just like the women of the 1920s who left such vivid impressions on a future perfumer from St Petersburg. Arlette Gutsatz was never without a bottle.

M Michel and Clara had to choose just seven fragrances to bring back to life from among hundreds of Yuri’s meticulously recorded formulas. Instinctively, they knew the carefully curated collection would need a classic rose. What better fragrance than Rose Thé, the scent Arlette Gutsatz wore and loved?

Rose Trocadéro is all about the rose from start to finish, lovely roses, soft yet bright, like the rosy clouds of a perfect sunrise; vibrant but with a luminescence. It isn’t an old-fashioned powdery rose, nor is it a big flashy rose; it’s the ultimate feminine rose, tender and intimate in its beauty, almost suede-like in its plushness.


Clara Feder’s inspired text on Rose Trocadéro: the Trocadéro Gardens

The sun is shining on the Trocadéro Garden – it is a blessing in Paris, even at the end of May. Behind you, the Eiffel Tower, before you, the Chaillot Palace, looking so modern. Suddenly, a woman approaches. She is carrying a huge bouquet of roses and heads towards the Seine with firm strides. When she brushes against you, you shiver with pleasure under the waves of rose so absolute that you but barely notice the trail of blackcurrant bud, lavender, and musk.

Text and above image by Clara Feder

The roses are gradually enveloped in musk, rich but not thick, and every time I thought I was wearing the most classic rose-musk perfume, Rose Trocadéro reminded me that rather than just that, it is a character, almost a person in the ethereal body of the scent. Enchanting.


Citron Boboli Notes:

Top: Lemon, Lime, Orange, Galbanum Middle: Cinnamon, Clove, Black pepper, Geranium Base: Vanilla, Musk

The Early Years of Citron Boboli

Citron Boboli was created by Yuri Gutsatz at his home in Cour Jasmin, Paris and was originally named Citron Poivré. It was created in 1977: a year that saw culture and modern life blend in new ways. Baryshnikov brought ballet to the television, The Georges Pompidou Centre was opened and Apple launched its first computer. Amongst this blend of old and new, Citron Poivré was born.

Citron Boboli is an energizing eau de parfum with notes of citrus and warm spices: an original and comforting blend. It will transport you into Yuri’s footsteps, when he lived in India and discovered the richness of Indian aromas and plants. Clove, pepper and lemon will transport you between the spices of Asia and the citrus groves of Italy.

In this warmer weather, it’s a real joy to wear. It’s refreshing and “fizzy”. However, with the spiciness, I think this could be a citrus for cool weather as well.”

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Citron Boboli is Born Again

In 2016, Yuri’s son Michel, along with his wife, the artist and writer Clara Feder, had the difficult task of selecting just seven fragrances from Yuri’s vast and meticulously kept archives. The chorus of approval from perfume lovers is proof that Citron Boboli deserved its place upon the stage once more, bringing a 1970s fragrance to a new and appreciative Twenty First century audience.

Citron Boboli makes you want always more. Even after rising to the highest point, albeit tired, I just want to get down and start climbing again. Gorgeous perfume!

Cassiano, Fragrantica member

After visiting the Palazzo Pitti, you blithely make your way to the heights of the Boboli Gardens. The view of Florence is stunning, but a grotto on your right draws you with its freshness. Just at the entrance, a statue is decked with beautiful lemons. Are they real? Are they virtual? Why can you smell the fragrance of Italian lemon, petitgrain, bitter orange and galbanum? And that hint of black pepper and cloves, where does it come from?

Inspiration: Boboli Garden, Florence, Italy. Words and pictures by Clara Feder. Top photo of vintage Citron Boboli bottle by cheeky24.exblog.jp

Finding a scent that is both fresh and spicy, suitable for both winter and summer and for both sexes isn´t that easy. But Le Jardin Retrouvé’s Citron Poivré manages to combine all of that in one perfume

Rebella, Fragrantica member

Jasmin Majorelle Notes

Top: Coriander, Lemon, Sage Middle: Jasmine, Ylang ylang, Neroli Base: Iris, White Musk

The early years of Jasmin Majorelle

1981: Jasmin Majorelle was born in a year where romance ruled the world. Royal wedding fever flourished as Charles and Diana named the date and fashion was floaty and feminine, taking its lead from the future Princess of Wales. Jasmin Majorelle was created by Yuri Gutsatz in 1981 and was simply called Jasmin.

This is the way real French perfume should be, made with loving care and pride.” – Krmarich, Fragrantica user

Appropriately, Yuri and his wife Arlette set up Le Jardin Retrouvé where they lived: in Cour Jasmin in Paris – surely the perfect address for a perfumer!
Le Jardin Retrouvé fragrances had a loyal and somewhat bohemian following among those who prized French Haute Parfumerie, including iconic actress Jane Birkin.

Jasmin Majorelle coming back to life

In 2016, Michel and his wife, the artist and writer Clara Feder, nurtured Le Jardin Retrouvé back to life, including a carefully curated selection of seven of Yuri’s fragrances . The response was so enthusiastic that they came up with an idea that had never been done before. They asked their online community to choose which of Yuri’s fragrances to bring back to life next. 

This jasmine is really well balanced and pleasant. It feels lush and natural, like I’m in a beautiful jasmine garden warmed by the sun. Such a gorgeous bright, green floral opening that settles into a more sensual jasmine and eventually morphs into a warm and sunny base.” –
Belinda EK, verified buyer

Michel and Clara had hundreds of Yuri’s meticulously recorded formulas and chose four to send out in a small discovery package of samples, labelled only with a coloured dot. As the votes came in, Jasmin Majorelle, or yellow dot as it was labelled, didn’t win, (that accolade went to Oriental Sans Souci ), however, such was the loyalty and affection stirred by Jasmin Majorelle that Michel and Clara could not resist asking their in -house perfumer, Maxence Moutte to recreate it from Yuri’s notes. A limited edition of 150 50ml bottles was produced, each signed and numbered, taking their place among just ten precious haute perfumery fragrances from Le Jardin Retrouvé.

The jasmine in here gives a more sensual effect rather than animalic and, with a final touch of sweetened sage and even a hint of heliotrope, shows that Yuri was at the top of his game.” – Stephan Matthews, blogger

Clara Feder’s inspired text on Jasmin Majorelle: Yves Saint Laurent

Is it him? you ask yourself, looking at the graceful figure that seems to float on the pool, beyond the fountains, in the blue of the renovated house. Your imagination, enhanced by the heat of the sun at its zenith, seems to perceive the man who once created here inspired worlds. But only a rare scent of jasmine, ylang-ylang, Italian lemon, coriander and iris, answers you and proceeds to disturb your senses. Pure joy illuminates your face.

Inspiration : Jardin Majorelle, Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé, Marrakech, Morocco. Words and pictures by Clara Feder

French in style, retro in feel, this quickly became a favorite jasmine of mine.” – Eaux Sillage, blogger