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Spotlight on…Rose Trocadéro

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Rose Trocadéro Notes

Top: Rose essence, blackcurrant, green notes Middle: Rose absolute, geranium, clove Base: honey,Musk

The early years of Rose Trocadéro

1976: Rose Trocadéro was a fragrance that had personal connotations for Yuri Gutsatz. He was inspired by the fragrances women wore in the 1920s when he was just a boy, and those precious emotions translated into a classic eau de parfum that became the signature scent of his wife and muse, Arlette. Originally named Rose Thé, it was launched the year after Yuri established the world’s first niche perfume house and featured in many popular magazines. Today, the fragrance is the same and has captured the hearts of a new generation who seek the classic French haute perfumery methods at which Yuri excelled.

In Rose Trocadéro I have found the comforting smell of my happy memories. The roses from this perfume are bright pink, with dewy petals and bees flying around them. This perfume is in no way mischievous, as some rose-centered perfume maybe, but it is pure and joyful, like the smile of a child.

Adelinne07, fragrantica member

A t the revival of Le Jardin Retrouvé in 2016, Michel Gutsatz and his wife Clara knew instinctively that no fragrance collection was complete without a flagship rose. Rose Trocadéro brought its own style of French classicism into the twenty-first century.

Rose Trocadéro coming back to life

Since 2016, The eau de parfum is generating a new fan base among perfume lovers who seek a touch of Parisian elegance, just like the women of the 1920s who left such vivid impressions on a future perfumer from St Petersburg. Arlette Gutsatz was never without a bottle.

M Michel and Clara had to choose just seven fragrances to bring back to life from among hundreds of Yuri’s meticulously recorded formulas. Instinctively, they knew the carefully curated collection would need a classic rose. What better fragrance than Rose Thé, the scent Arlette Gutsatz wore and loved?

Rose Trocadéro is all about the rose from start to finish, lovely roses, soft yet bright, like the rosy clouds of a perfect sunrise; vibrant but with a luminescence. It isn’t an old-fashioned powdery rose, nor is it a big flashy rose; it’s the ultimate feminine rose, tender and intimate in its beauty, almost suede-like in its plushness.


Clara Feder’s inspired text on Rose Trocadéro: the Trocadéro Gardens

The sun is shining on the Trocadéro Garden – it is a blessing in Paris, even at the end of May. Behind you, the Eiffel Tower, before you, the Chaillot Palace, looking so modern. Suddenly, a woman approaches. She is carrying a huge bouquet of roses and heads towards the Seine with firm strides. When she brushes against you, you shiver with pleasure under the waves of rose so absolute that you but barely notice the trail of blackcurrant bud, lavender, and musk.

Text and above image by Clara Feder

The roses are gradually enveloped in musk, rich but not thick, and every time I thought I was wearing the most classic rose-musk perfume, Rose Trocadéro reminded me that rather than just that, it is a character, almost a person in the ethereal body of the scent. Enchanting.


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